Awareness Materials

Awareness Films 

The Bangladeshi Mental Health Forum has produced mental health awareness films in Bengali (with subtitles) and English. The films aim to raise awareness of mental health to the community via simple but very important messages. The films covers the following topics:

• What is mental health
• Common mental health disorders
• Information on professionals that can help (Seeking Help)
• Personal experiences of a mental health service user
• How to maintain good mental health/wellbeing

Lets Talk About Mental Health – Bengali Version

Lets Talk About Mental Health – English Version

The BMHF has produced these mental health awareness film with the support of University of East London University (UEL), East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) and the North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT).

All BMHF Awareness films can you viewed in our YouTube channel by clicking on the following link:

BMHF Online Workshops 

We have undertaken many online mental wellbeing workshops ( e.g. mental health awareness, supporting young peoples mental wellbeing , managing worry) in Bengali and English . These are valuable resources for learning and education, please visit our YouTube page:

Bangladeshi Mental Health Forum BMHF – YouTube

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BMHF Leaflet 

The BMHF has also produced a dual language leaflet (Bengali & English), which covers basic information such as:

  • What is mental health
  • How to maintain good mental health 
  • Information on local services in Tower Hamlets

Please click on the link below to view the leaflet:

BMHF Leaflet-2021

If you would like more information on our films and leaflet please get in touch with Shamsur Choudhury on or 07716 078840.

We would appreciate if you can share the film and leaflet with your family, friends and colleagues.

NB: If you are planning to use our awareness materials for your workshops/events, please seek permission prior to use. The films, workshops and leaflet remains the properties of the Bangladeshi Mental Health Forum.